About us


Is an official nonprofit association of public interest disclosed by the Ministry Community Development Affairs under the Ministerial Decree No.(225) for the year 2012 , it is main goal is to support people with Autism and their families.

Emirates Autism Society works to raise awareness and support for individuals impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder in the UAE. EAS partners with leading business and organizations to host fundraisers, educational talks, training opportunities and community based activities creating meaningful and enriching projects and programs for individuals with Autism.

EAS Vision

Pioneering in enabling people with autism to maximize their full potential within society.

EAS Mission

Providing a suitable environment that integrates people with autism in the society through the use of programs that enhance their potential by contributing and collaborating with partners.

EAS has varying activities and programs intended to serve families and children, with a focus on training the families to deal with their children through a number of workshops and specialized training programs in the various Emirates of the State and promoting confidence of the community in people with autism in order to ensure that the community accedes to and facilitates the integration process, in addition to raising the community’s awareness of that disorder.


An image from the Art Caravan April 2018